The Professionists.

The professionists of the law office offer consultancy and extra-judicial assistance, and defend their clients in front of the Judicial Authority of any order and grade, in the criminal, civil and administrative field.





Enrolled in the register of the Perugia Bar, on 27 October 2003. Attorney before the Court of Cassation and Higher Jurisdictions.

For over 7 years, she has been dealing with the protection of people with disabilities, with particular attention to the subject of discrimination pursuant to Law 67/06 suffered by them by private and / or public administrations as well as the scholastic inclusion of children with disabilities. and related problems.

For over two years he has also been dealing with the analysis of disability regulations with the specific aim of drafting bills, opinions, guidelines, interpellations to be addressed to the competent Ministries for the Italian Federation for the Overcoming of the National Handicap. and the editing and publication of regulatory analyzes on disability on the HANDYLEX.ORG website, which provides information to experts in the sector as well as to families and associations in the third sector.Training experience in Diversity Management, Disability Management and Disability Manager for job inclusion in companies and public bodies for people with disabilities.

Professional activity also carried out in the field of criminal law and procedure, environmental criminal law, safety and accident in the workplace, Legislative Decree 231/01 and sports law.

The firm also deals with civil law, administrative law, tax law, noisy emissions, violations of the Highway Code pursuant to art. 186 and 187 CDS, of judicial and extrajudicial activities for credit recovery, contracts and road accidents.

Computer forensics and technological crime expert.

Guarantor of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - Umbria Region-

Coordinator of the Legal Studies Center of the Italian Federation
for Overcoming Handicap (FISH ONLUS);

Site Coordinator HANDILEX.ORG site concerning legislative
issues related to disability, managed by FISH ONLUS.

Disability manager at the Municipality of Marsciano (Pg);
Director in office at the Equal Opportunities Committee - Perugia
Bar Association -

Member of the Sports and Wellness Council established at the
Third Sector Forum.

Consultant of the Disability and Equal Opportunities Department
of Forza Italia at the Chamber of Deputies.

External consultant of the Association of Disabled Families
Onlus Terni.

Participation in 2009 in the Legal Informatics Course organized by
the Center for Legal Informatics Studies; participation in 2006-2007
in the cycle of seminars organized by the University of Milan, Chair
of Legal Informatics, Prof. Giovanni Ziccardi, entitled "Computer
forensics, criminal investigation and technological crime; aspects
of judges ".

Collaboration with the magazine A. Giuffre Editore in 2006/07 with
the publication in Jurisprudence of merit no. 01 - 2007 of the
comment on the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Venice of
November 3, 2005 on "Personal freedom between extradition
proceedings and European arrest warrant".

Speaker and organizer of the "Disability and legal protection" format
presented by the Aiga Foundation "Tommaso Bucciarelli" in 37
Italian cities with the participation of lawyers, judges, Paralympic
athletes and institutions on the issue of the right to sport, inclusion
and existing legal protections for people with disabilities.

Speaker and organizer of the format "The scholastic inclusion of
pupils with disabilities and specific learning disabilities, rights and
protections in the scholastic and legal field" presented and in
progress in various Italian regions in collaboration with the Italian
Federation for the overcoming of handicap (FISH) National.

Creator of the "Disability Project" in collaboration with the National
Forensic Council and Cassa Forense, which aims to make the
professional life of a lawyer with disabilities, be it physical and / or
sensory, easier, and of lawyers who have disabled people in the
family, are they spouses, parents and / or children, through the
disbursement of funds for the removal of architectural barriers and
to promote autonomy in professional life.

Participation from March to May 2019 in "PerCorso di Advanced
training for legal professionals aimed at assisting, consulting and
protecting sportsmen as well as administering, governing and
applying sports justice, organized by the National Forensic Council
and Advanced School of Advocacy, in collaboration with the Lega
Serie B, Lega Pro and National Amateur League, with the patronage
of Coni.
Participation in April 2021 in the training course in
"Disability Management" with a total of 100 hours - organized by
Icotea e-learning Institute, accredited to the Ministry of Justice,
Mediation and Training Body, Ministry of Labor and Social Security
and at the MIUR, with issue of certificate of attendance and profit.
Speaker at the "on line" intensive training course organized by the
publishing house "La Tribuna" on "Disability Management and
Disability Manager: role, function and tasks" from 5 to 8 July 2021.
Scientific Responsible and speaker for the publishing house
"La Tribuna" at the second intensive "online" training course on
"Disability Management and Disability Manager from May to
June 2022.
Participation from May to June 2022 in the "Short Master" "Violations
of the Highway Code in the interpretation of jurisprudence of merit
and legitimacy", organized by Form & Lex, Training and professional
updating, with training activities accredited by the National Bar

Speaker at numerous conferences organized by the Equal
Opportunities Committees set up at the Councils of the Italian Bar
Associations, regarding the matter of the inclusion of people with
disabilities in every sector, from work, to school, to sport.