The Professionists.

The professionists of the law office offer consultancy and extra-judicial assistance, and defend their clients in front of the Judicial Authority of any order and grade, in the criminal, civil and administrative field.






Enrolled in the Register of the Lawyers of Perugia upon the 27 th. October 2003


A professional activity carried out mainly in the field of Criminal Law and of infractions to the Highway Code, with particular attention to articles 186 and 187.


Expert in Computer Forensics.


Also engaged in judicial and extra-judicial collection of credits, Law of Contract and road accidents.



Member of the Criminal Chambers of Perugia from the year 2009.


Member of the Italian Association of Young Laywers


Lawyer of CNA (Perugia branch) from 2010 for debt collection activity and contracts.


Registered in the open list of lawyers for judicial and extrajudicial activities of Umbria Acque S.p.a.


Attended the Legal Informatics Course organized by Centro Studi Informatica Giuridica in 2009;

attended the seminars cycle organized by the University of Studies of Milan "Computer forensics, criminal investigation and IT criminality", 2006/2007, led by Prof Giovanni Ziccardi.


Collaboration with Giuffrè Magazine in  2007: a commentary to the sentence of the Appeal Court of Venice (3 november 2005), regarding "personal liberties between extradition procedure and european arrest warrant".